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Testimonials from clients and co-workers

Chris Grant, Digital Construction Skills

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Chris Grant
Project Manager, Digital Construction Skills

Portrait photo of Gillian Duncan

“I’m so grateful to have Julia as part of the Moment is Now team. She treats my business as if it were her own with the same care, respect and dedication and I truly value that. I have complete trust in mind and heart that Julia will deliver what she has agreed to with absolute excellence. I don’t even need to prompt her. It just happens. She is such a safe pair of hands. This gives me the time and energy to focus on what’s next.

“In addition, she demonstrates such belief in what I’m doing by coming up with ideas and pointing out things that I should perhaps be thinking about or doing. She is worth ten times her weight in gold and more.”

Gillian Duncan
Owner, The Moment is Now

“During our initial meeting, Julia asked reflective questions, encouraging me to think more expansively about my target audience, my business message and the type of clients I wanted to work with. I felt she really listened, helped me get clarity and had a genuine enthusiasm. Importantly, Julia is so easy to talk to and has a very warm personality which puts you at ease.

The project ran really smoothly and amendments (which were minimal due to Julia’s attention to detail) were handled efficiently and quickly. I was delighted with the outcome which surpassed my expectations! I look forward to working with Julia again and highly recommend her services.”

Andrea McDermott
Moo Web Design

Andrea McDermott, Moo Web Design

“I was apprehensive about developing a website and didn’t know where to start, but Julia made the process straightforward and less threatening!

I found that her insightful questioning and reflective feedback really helped me to clarify what I wanted to offer in my work and our conversations were essential preparation for promoting my services much more effectively.

Julia listens and picks up on the important aspects that are not always spoken but get to the heart of what you mean. I am always amazed at the way she can take my ramblings and turn it into meaningful text that truly reflects what I wanted to say.

Lucy then brings everything to life with her technical expertise and it has been a great experience working with both of them. I can trust that what is produced is a true reflection of what I intended.”

Sue Horsburgh
Mindfulness Mentor and Transpersonal Coach

Photo of Sue Horsburgh, Mindfulness Mentor and Transpersonal Coach

“I do not know how we would manage without Julia. She keeps our website up to date but she is more than this. Julia has taken the time to get to know our business and understands our needs so well. She helps us with the wording and presentation of material and makes great suggestions about how we could enhance our website. Her communication skills are excellent and she completes tasks very promptly. Julia’s approach is very professional, positive and kind. I would recommend her without reserve.”

Nicola Hollings
Director, Internal Family Systems Training UK Ltd

Nicola Hollings, IFS UK Ltd
Mehmet Karatay, Northern Aspect

“Working with Julia was a delight and made the task of writing copy to describe my services much less daunting. She always asked the right questions to get me talking about what I do and then listened to my answers. The feedback cycle was painless and Julia was willing to adapt to my method of working in the cloud. My website is higher-quality, and it went live much quicker, than had I tried to write everything myself. I’m very happy with the end result.”

Mehmet Karatay
Northern Aspect

Gemma Wood, Chartered Financial Planner

“I have known Julia for four years now – we co-ordinate No Ties Networking together. I made the most excellent decision to ask Julia to help me with my About page and the launch of a workshop and I can’t tell you how delighted I am that I did. She has been utterly excellent at understanding my voice and creating output that feels spot on from the first draft. She went above and beyond, checking event pages and articles, making helpful and encouraging suggestions and edits. She has also kept the project moving with timely output and quick response time. I can’t wait to see the outcome of such excellent copy! Thank you so, so much Julia.”

Gemma Wood
Chartered Financial Planner

“I’ve been running my own business for 17 years and I expanded and opened Breath-works, a multi-disciplinary yoga and therapy centre, in 2014. Julia joined our team not long after opening when I realised that the website now needed more than I could manage myself. Julia is such a great asset to Breath-works; she is quick to answer requests for web help and making a newsletter look slick and professional. For a totally non-techie person, Julia is a Godsend!

Dee Taylor
Owner, Dee Taylor Therapies

Dee Taylor, Dee Taylor Therapies

“…getting in touch to say thank you for your work on updating the Snow Tree Creative Therapy website, Julia, which I felt you carried out really smoothly, with helpful communication, rapid turnover and an excellent result.

“I’d have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and colleagues when the opportunity arises.”

Shane Scott
Snow Tree Creative Therapies

Shane Scott, Snow Tree Creative Therapy
Denise Strohsahl, sandstonecastles marketing

“What I love most about working with you is that you’re absolutely reliable. You don’t just deliver on time and on brief: you communicate very well and keep everybody up-to-date during the project.

“You don’t hesitate to ask the difficult (and sometimes painful) questions and always bring a sense of calm and positivity into the room.

“Also, you’re a very good listener and always give a 100% – with a focus on what the client wants – and, most importantly, needs – to achieve their goals.

Denise Strohsahl
sandstonecastles marketing

Kate Amann, Website Developer

“You have always been fantastic to work with! Your communication is clear, honest, and detailed, and I always know exactly what you’re asking about, which can be tricky when discussing digital stuff and development, so it’s definitely a skill I appreciate.

“You often take the time to try to work things out on your own before asking, which is not only helpful for diagnosing an issue, but in my experience leads to you understanding the solution better and/or pointing out something that leads me to an answer faster. You’re also very obviously organised and on top of things. The combination of these things is such a goldmine.

Kate Amann
Website developer

Lucy Davies, WordPress website developer

I’m a detail-oriented person who likes completeness and knowing exactly what needs to be done, so how you manage projects suits me down to the ground. I love how professionally you work and how conscientiously you approach client projects. A lot goes into even a simple website and I’m always super-impressed by how you keep track of it with your detailed documentation and careful versioning of everything.

“One of your traits that I really admire … is your realism about how long things will take and when you will have time to accommodate things. The fact you don’t ‘squeeze things in’ is why you are always able to do what you say.

“In summary: professionalism, conscientious approach, detailed documentation and reliability.

Lucy Davies
Websites By Lucy

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From Chris Grant, Project Manager, Digital Construction Skills

“You know, I can’t remember how many times in the last few months I’ve said to myself ‘Thank god we got Julia involved in this project!’

“Julia’s great to work with; she’s patient, she listens, and she’s great at performing and organising tasks. She makes sure that there’s absolute clarity in the scope of the work you’ve set out and agreed to do. She always gives honest and constructive feedback and has a great ability to tell the truth when needed.

“She’s super-efficient with her time – and your money! She’s intuitive and she gets on with stuff with the minimum of fuss but she also knows when to stop and ask a question. Julia’s also great at presenting technical information in a very readable and engaging way to non-technical people.

“Julia is a warm and enthusiastic person and you always know you’re in safe hands when you’ve set out and agreed some work to do together.

“You’re fab, Julia! Thank you!”