The Word Engine portfolio

These are the websites and webpages I’ve most enjoyed working on, either as a writer, project manager or WordPress editor. Have a browse and let me know if you’d like similar work done!

Northern Aspect

Northern Aspect website

The project: Planning and writing a first website for a Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor. Co-ordinating the project and liaising with the web developer.

From the client’s viewpoint: “Working with Julia was a delight … She always asked the right questions to get me talking about what I do and then listened to my answers. The feedback cycle was painless … My website is higher-quality, and it went live much quicker, than had I tried to write everything myself.” Mehmet Karatay, Northern Aspect

The Moment is Now

The Moment is Now website

The project: Planning and writing a first website for a mindfulness training business. Working with the original web developer and, several years later, with a new developer on a re-work of the site.

Ongoing work: Writing new blog posts, updating course information and creating Mailchimp newsletters.

From the client’s viewpoint: “I’m so grateful to have Julia as part of the Moment is Now team. She treats my business as if it were her own with the same care, respect and dedication and I truly value that.” Gillian Duncan, Owner, The Moment is Now

Digital Construction Skills

Digital Construction Skills website

The project: Planning and project managing the production of a new website for a construction training company. Advising the client on content, sourcing a logo designer and web developer, obtaining quotes, and researching suitable software for creating and managing eLearning modules.

Ongoing work: Creating eLearning modules using Rise 360 and uploading them to the website. Regular updates to webpages to adapt to changing circumstances.

From the client’s viewpoint: “She’s super-efficient with her time – and your money! She’s intuitive and she gets on with stuff with the minimum of fuss but she also knows when to stop and ask a question. Julia’s also great at presenting technical information in a very readable and engaging way to non-technical people.” Chris Grant, Project Manager, Digital Construction Skills

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems website

The project: Planning and writing a first website for a specialist training organisation. Managing the project and co-ordinating with the web developer.

Ongoing work: Keeping the website up-to-date, adding new training courses, designing and uploading course brochures and creating news items for the home page. Managing a directory of therapists and practitioners.

From the client’s viewpoint: “I do not know how we would manage without Julia. She keeps our website up-to-date but she is more than this. Julia has taken the time to get to know our business and understands our needs so well. She helps us with the wording and presentation of material and makes great suggestions about how we could enhance our website.” Nicola Hollings, Director, Internal Family Systems Training UK Ltd

Websites by Lucy

Websites by Lucy About page

The project: Writing an engaging About page for a talented web developer.

From the client’s viewpoint: “I think one of the hardest pages to write on a website is the About page – especially when you are writing it about yourself. Asking Julia to write mine for me was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my business. It communicates what I do well without me feeling uncomfortable about it and I’ve had a lot of compliments on how it is written.” Lucy Davies, Websites by Lucy


Breath-works website

The project: Restructure an existing website that had grown massively and become difficult to navigate.

Ongoing work: WordPress technical support and creation of newsletters in Mailchimp.

From the client’s viewpoint: “Julia is such a great asset to Breath-works; she is quick to answer requests for web help and making a newsletter look slick and professional. For a totally non-techie person, Julia is a Godsend!” Dee Taylor, Owner, Dee Taylor Therapies